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Mini 0806 - 1296p Car Dash Camera /w GPS Logger

Product Video Mini 0806 - 1296p Car Dash Camera /w GPS Logger

Product Summary

Compact and Contoured Build for Increased Concealability Concealability is an especially important factor in dash cam purchase. It’s simple, the less visible ... More Info »


  • Perfect for forward-facing surveillance
  • Captures clear video of vehicles on the road (1296p HD)
  • Logs driving locations and speeds
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Captures clear video even on dark roads
  • Stores 19 hours of HD video (with 128GB memory card)
  • Never miss anything important with loop recording
  • Covert design keeps device hidden
  • Automatically captures impact events (with G-sensor)
  • Never miss anything important (wide-angle lens)
  • Change camera settings with LCD screen
  • Easily attach to windshield using adhesive mount

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Compact and Contoured Build for Increased Concealability

Concealability is an especially important factor in dash cam purchase. It’s simple, the less visible your camera, the fewer problems you’ll inevitably face with drivers or authorities you film misbehaving on the road. Why chance confrontation and harassment by openly filming, when you can get the job done with a more covert approach and camera. The Mini 0806 Dashboard Camera is housed in a narrow, cylindrical casing easily installed behind your rear view mirror. The all-black exterior and narrow profile effortlessly blend into the rear view mirror and dark interior of your vehicle.  

Top of the Line 1296P Video Resolution, with Audio On/Off Functionality

While the Mini 0806 doesn’t look like a visual heavyweight, it’s impressive 1296p video resolution will blow you away. In fact, the Mini 0806’s recording features far surpass other dashboard cameras that, despite being double or triple the Minis size and price, are limited to 1080p video resolution. The option to enable or disable audio capture is especially useful for compliance in states or cities that have stricter laws regarding audio recording. Just to be safe, always check local laws regarding video and audio surveillance before using cameras in your home, business, or on the road.

Illuminated and Clear Night Recording - No Red Tint to Footage Like Other Dash Cams=

While most dashboard cameras offer passable night time recording, footage is often displayed with a perceptible reddish tinge. Employing an upgraded lens, the Mini 0806 delivers bright, clear recordings that faithfully reflect daytime colors and tones. The Mini ensures that your night time recordings are as spectacular and authentic as footage captured in the light of day.

Built-In 1.5’ HD Screen - Easily Line Up and Review Recordings

A built-in 1.5 inch HD TFT (type of LCD display) lets you quickly and easily adjust your cameras recording angle, ensuring you always have the best view of the road and your surroundings. With the Mini 0806, there’s no need to transfer files or use a tv or monitor to look over footage, saving you time and effort. The display makes watching already recorded footage a breeze. Go from filming to watching with the press of a button, whether you’re parked on the side of the road, or comfortably relaxing at home.   

Included GPS Module

Already time and date stamped, the supplementary GPS module thoroughly rounds out your footage, incorporating precise speed and location data into your recordings. The module lets you view footage of the road alongside a Google Maps display, helping you reconcile your first-person recordings with exact placement on a map.

Expanded 135° Viewing Angle for Encompassing Footage

The Mini 0806 features a 2560 x 1080p cinema mode engineered to best capture wider angled footage. The camera’s 135° angle is more than enough to take in the road and its immediate surroundings, and cinema mode is optimized to display that more expansive footage. The combination of specially purposed recording and viewing modes represents a significant upgrade over similarly compact dashboard cameras.

Rotatable Design - Easily Switch from Recording the Road to your Vehicle’s Interior

The unique design of the Mini 0806 allows you to rotate the camera up to 160° with a quick twist of your wrist. It’s incredibly easy and quick to switch from recording through the front windshield of your car to surveying it’s interior. This feature is especially handy if you want to keep an eye on your car while parked. When done driving, simply flip the camera around to make sure you have evidence of anyone sideswiping, or trying to force their way into your car.  

Loop Recording Seamlessly  Overwrites Old Footage

Loop recording relieves you from having to manually clear old, uneventful footage, ensuring that your camera always maintains plenty of space for new recordings. If you get in an accident or want to keep a segment of footage, it’s easy to save those files from later being overridden.

G-Sensor Detection Tuned to Sudden Acceleration Shifts

A G-Sensor is another feature that is invaluable on the road, and complements well with loop recording. The sensor detects dramatic acceleration shifts, usually indicative of an accident or a result of sudden braking, and automatically saves those recording segments from being later overwritten.

Expanded Memory Capacity of up to 256GB

Compared to most other dashboard cameras offering between 32GB and 64GB, the Mini 0806 features an especially impressive memory capacity of 256GB. More recording space is always a good thing, and you never know when that weeks old recording could suddenly come in handy.

Parking Guard Mount and Recording Mode (Supplementary Accessory)

By measuring voltage change, the Mini 0806 can detect when you’ve turned off your car engine and automatically enter parking guard mode. In that mode, it will continue recording space-efficient, low resolution footage. If the camera detects impact to the vehicle, it records a higher resolution, thirty second clip, and saves the segment from being overwritten.   


  • 1296P 30fps recording
  • H.264 coding MOV file format
  • 1.5inch HD TFT Screen
  • High performance 6G lens
  • 135 degree wide angle vision
  • support dual 128GB micro-sd card
  • support HDR( High dynamic range)
  • support GPS tracking with Google Map
  • support altitude eogether with longtitude and latitude
  • support G-sensor lock and manual lock
  • support motion detection
  • support HDMI output
  • support LDWS(Lane departure waring system)
  • support FCWS(Forward collision warning system)
  • easy CPL( circular polarzing filter) attaching
  • easy sticker mounting
  • 160 degree rotation for left or right mount
  • customizable housing color and coating
  • optional miniUSB/microUSB port
  • Mini 0806
  • USB Cable
  • GPS Logger Mount
  • 9.5 Foot Car Charger
  • 4 x Adhesives
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • 2 x Mounting Angle Wedges (2 Degree + 4 Degree)

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