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Micro Digital Audio Recorder

Micro Digital Audio Recorder

Product Summary

The Smallest Audio Recorder on the Market, Measuring 1.2 x .6 x .4 Inches By their very nature, video cameras are larger, harder to conceal, and require more mainte ... More Info »


  • Perfect for covert, portable surveillance
  • Captures clear audio from across a large room
  • Custom modes for your recording needs
  • Less charging hassle (85 hour battery life)
  • Stores 260 hours of audio (over 10 days)
  • Compact design keeps device hidden

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The Smallest Audio Recorder on the Market, Measuring 1.2 x .6 x .4 Inches

By their very nature, video cameras are larger, harder to conceal, and require more maintenance than audio recorders. If concealment and ease of recording are top priorities, and video footage isn’t a must have, you’re better off with an audio recorder. That said, there is no smaller, more covert audio recorder on the market than the TAR25. Housed in an unassuming black box that is about the size of a AA battery, the TAR25 is practically unnoticeable regardless of where it’s placed. Whether you keep it on you at all times, or place it somewhere out of sight for recording when you’re not around, the TAR25 perfectly captures what is said or done around it.   

Capture Audio from up to 30 Feet Away

Armed with an extremely powerful microphone and wide dynamic range detection, the TAR25 can sense and record audio from up to 30 feet away. Station the TAR25 in an open-floor office, large living room, or even an apartment, and it will pick up surrounding noise. Small size and long range recording make the TAR25 easy to hide practically anywhere, yet still clearly capture nearby conversation or sound.

Multiple Recording Options - Sound, Time, or Calendar Activation Modes

Unlike simple tape recorders that have an on or off switch, the TAR25 has a variety of activation triggers that let you further customize your recording. Time mode lets you activate the recorder at specific times of day, and for certain durations. You can set the TAR25 to turn on once, or repeatedly, on a daily or weekly basis. Calendar mode lets you program up to 32 different recording events, arranged by time, date, and duration. Sound mode activates the recorder when a specified measure of noise is detected, ensuring the TAR25 only picks up meaningful conversation and events, while tuning out background noise.      

Included Software Makes Securing and Searching Through Recordings Simple and Easy

Compared to video footage, in which visual clues help you to fast forward or rewind to a certain recording segment, audio footage can be harder to navigate. Fortunately, the TAR25’s software processes and saves all of your recordings after you download them to your PC. Time marks are then applied to the footage, letting you easily locate and replay specific recording segments, which you can then edit, transfer, or share. To ensure recordings remain private, accessible only to you, the included software also allows you to password protect footage.

85 Hour Battery Life for Stress-Free, Day-After-Day Use

You never know when something worth recording, be it an unlikely conversation, encounter, or meeting, will come up. If that happens, the last thing you want to worry about is if your audio recorder has enough power to do its job. The TAR25 is equipped for 85 hours of non-stop use, or several weeks if you use it only occasionally. It’s simple, when you record with the TAR25, rest assured that it can and will function for days on end.  

4GB of Internal Memory - Hundreds of Recording Hours

Audio recordings are far less space consuming than video ones. So, while the TAR25’s 4GB of internal memory lets you capture hundreds of hours of footage, video recorders equipped with far more memory are limited to dozens of hours. The TAR25 not only saves you the hassle of having to constantly recharge your recorder, but also the time consuming process of regularly transferring files to clear up recording space.     

PC Compatible Only


Dimensions: 46x9x16mm (1,65x0,35x0,63")
Battery: rechargeable LIPO battery
Battery life in recording mode: 85 hours 
Memory capacity for recording: 848 hours with 5.5kHz sample rate and ADPCM
2 bit compression
Internal memory size: 4GB
Signal to noise ratio: 65dB
Compression methods: 16bit no compression, uLaw logarithmic, 4bit
ADPCM, or 2bit ADPCM
Sample rate: 22kHz, 16kHz, 11.025kHz, 8kHz, 5.5kHz
Bit width: 16bits
Microphone sensitivity: 10 meters (32 feet)
Current consumption in stand-by mode: less than 200uA
Voice activated recording: user selectable
Data transfer to PC: via USB


  • Device
  • Two 1.5V batteries (Zinc and Alkaline)
  • USB Cable


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