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MemoQ Slim Audio Recording Pen MQ77

MemoQ Slim Audio Recording Pen MQ77

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The Latest in Digital Audio Recorders, Disguised in a Slim, Fully Functional Pen  Audio recorders come in all shapes and sizes, the real challenge is finding o ... More Info »


  • Perfect for covert, portable surveillance
  • Captures clear audio from across a large room
  • Voice activated mode saves battery
  • Less charging hassle (12 hour battery life)
  • Stores 16 hours of audio
  • Listen on the go with headphones and remote
  • Easily turns on and off
  • Covert design keeps device hidden

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The Latest in Digital Audio Recorders, Disguised in a Slim, Fully Functional Pen

 Audio recorders come in all shapes and sizes, the real challenge is finding one best suited to the environment you plan to record in. The MQ77 Slim Recording Pen perfectly mimics the look and function of an ordinary pen, while capably recording any conversation held near it. The MQ77 is the latest offering in a line of exceptionally performing audio recording pens, that incorporates a slimmer, more streamlined design than its predecessors. The Slim Recording Pen is suited to any outfit or environment, small enough to remain unnoticed in the front pocket of your suit or resting in the back pocket of your work jeans. No matter where you find yourself, whether sitting in the office for a meeting, or on the road conducting an interview, simply slide the pocket clip to discreetly turn it on and you have a lasting record of any conversation.

Completely Covert - No Beeping or Flashing Indicators to Give Anything Away

Beeping noises or blinking lights are the quickest ways to put an end to any discreet recording attempt. Which is why the Audio Recording Pen has no external indicators to give away its true purpose. You can keep the Recording Pen on the tabletop in front of you, even lend it to the co-worker seated to your left if he needs to sign something, all knowing that the pen looks, feels, and works like any other pen.

Capture Crisp Audio from up to Fifteen Feet Away

Capable of capturing conversations up to fifteen feet away, and automatically calibrating recording sensitivity to take into account its distance from the sound source, the Audio Recording Pen can be placed anywhere on your person or throughout a room and still effectively do its job. Discreetly set in a pocket, or carefully on a desktop, the pen can record anything within a 30 foot diameter. 

Included Headphones and Remote - Listen to Your Recordings Anywhere

Want to review that conversation you just recorded, but don’t have access to a computer? Simply plug in the included headphones (or use your own) and use the remote to navigate to the recording you want to listen to. With the headphones and remote you can listen to discussions and interviews at the office, at home, or on the road, all without having to plug anything into a computer or transfer any files.

Internal, Rechargeable Battery for up to 12 Hours of Use

Perfect for extensive periods of use, the recorder's rechargeable battery supports up to 12 hours of continuous operation.

Storage Space of 256MB for up to 18 Hours of Stored Recordings

The Audio Recording Pen may be small, but it packs plenty of recording power. It’s storage capacity of 256MB allows it to hold about 18 hours of footage, after which you can easily clear room by transferring files to an external hard drive or computer.

Compatible With Any PC or Mac, With Software that Helps Navigate Past Recordings

The software includes numerous ways to search through your past recordings, and a file introduction features that plays a file’s first few seconds of audio to better help you find the recording you're looking for. Also, you can use the included USB cable to charge your pen, quickly transfer audio files, or easily play recordings with your preferred media player.

  • Made in Korea
  • Auto-Sensitivity Control Automatically Adjusts for Near or Far Recording Levels
  • Ultra-Slim Design makes it the slimmest ink pen voice recorder on the market 
  • One-Touch Recording - Slide clip to start/stop recording
  • Voice Activation Mode - Start recording when sound is detected, stop recording when there is no sound
  • Up to 36 Hours of Footage (in LP Mode)
  • Headphone/Speaker Jack
  • 12 Hour Battery (Recording), 8 Hours (Playback) (3 hours charging time)
  • Three Quality Settings (XHQ/HQ/LP)
  • Easy to use plug-in remote control
  • Auto-File Introduction and Enhanced Search Modes
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac Operating Systems

  • MQ77 Pen
  • Plug-in after recording controller 
  • USB cable 
  • Headphone set 
  • Extensive easy to follow instruction manual
  • 1-Year SpyTec Limited Warranty

    Products purchased online or from an authorized retailer and under warranty qualify for an exchange with a valid receipt. Warranty service is handled entirely by SpyTec. 

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