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MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera

MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 Flash Drive Camera

Product Summary

Crystal Clear, 720p HD Video and Audio Recording with Date and Time Stamping Some say that covert cameras sacrifice video quality for size. Featuring stunningly ric ... More Info »


  • Perfect for covert, portable surveillance
  • Captures faces clearly from across a room (720p HD)
  • On-the-go convenience (2 hour battery life)
  • Never miss anything important (rotating lens)
  • Motion activated mode saves memory
  • Stores 30 hours of HD video (with 128GB memory card)
  • Tells you exactly when footage happened

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Crystal Clear, 720p HD Video and Audio Recording with Date and Time Stamping

Some say that covert cameras sacrifice video quality for size. Featuring stunningly rich, high-definition footage, the MemoQ MQ-CAMU7 proves that simply isn’t true. No bigger than your standard USB flash drive, the CAMU7 packs a recording punch far greater than its small size would have you think. Held in hand, fixed on a tabletop, or clipped onto a jacket pocket, the CAMU7 lets you capture your surroundings with an astonishing level of clarity and detail. To better help you organize and present footage, the CAMU7 also lets you date and time stamp your footage.

Indistinguishable in Every Way from a Standard USB Flash Drive - Perfect Concealment for Home or Office Use

You can look at the CAMU7, touch it, even use it, like you would a standard USB flash drive. Other than the small pinhole lens set above the camera’s metal clip (noticeable only if you know where to look), the CAMU7 resembles a USB drive in every way - making it the perfect cover for a recording device. A flash drive is not only portable, it’s normal to have one with you anywhere you go. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the road, recording with the CAMU7 in hand, or clipped onto your pocket, won’t earn you a second glance.

Camera Lens Rotates up to 90° for Room-Encompassing Recording

A common issue you come across with small, covert cameras is that it’s tough to position them for an ideal recording angle. If you are recording with a device in hand, you can easily tilt the camera to take in anything you want. However, if you want to set your camera down, or position it vertically, faithfully capturing your surroundings becomes a lot trickier. When you’re getting ready to record, you don’t want to be preoccupied with how well your camera lens is propped up or whether it is positioned right. With a slight twist, the CAMU7 lets you adjust it’s recording lens along a 90° swivel, letting you quickly and precisely position it for an optimal recording angle.  

Intuitive, Full-Featured Recording - One Button Operation, with Motion-Activated and Standby Recording Modes

There’s nothing worse than an opening a new electronics purchase and realizing it could take hours to set up and learn to use your new device. Fortunately, you’ll never have that problem with the CAMU7. The CAMU7 makes it easy to configure and use your camera right out of the box. It’s even easier to use at a moment's notice, ensuring that you’re never more than one click away from quickly capturing an important meeting or conversation. Just because the CAMU7 doesn’t come with an encyclopedia-sized operating manual doesn’t mean it lacks functionality. A choice of motion-activated or standby recording gives you the flexibility to adapt recording modes and battery consumption to your unique surveillance needs.   

Fully Capture Long Meetings and Interactions with Two Hours of Continuous Recording or Ten Hours of Standby Recording

Enduring a long meeting can test anyone’s patience, and the last thing you want to do is fiddle around with recording controls or worry about running out of battery. You already know that the CAMU7 is incredibly simple to use, but in addition to that, it has excellent battery life. The CAMU7 is equipped with two hours of continuous recording time and ten hours of standby recording. If you find yourself running low on battery, and don’t have the time or opportunity to recharge, the CAMU7 also comes with a separate, external battery pack for an additional five hours of recording time.

Transfer Footage Quickly and Easily to your PC or Mac Computer

When the time comes to transfer footage to your computer for storage or sharing, the USB function of the CAMU7 lets you bypass messy wires or time consuming uploads. Transferring footage is as intuitive as possible, simply plug the device into a USB port on your PC or Mac and drag and drop recorded files from the CAMU7 onto your computer. That’s it!!   

Compatible With Up to a 128GB MicroSD Card (not included)  

When it comes to storing the footage you’ve captured, the CAMU7 can use up to a 128GB MicroSD card, enough for 16 hours of recording. When the MicroSD card is full, simply plug the CAMU7 into your computer and transfer recordings, clearing up the card for further use.


Item Name

USB Digital Video Recorder

Video Quality HD 720p
Recording Format *.AVI
Recording Time

10 Hours (Motion Activated Recording)

2 Hours (Continuous Recording)

Memory Space Supports up to 128GB microSD Card (Sold Separately)
Recording Modes Continuous Recording / Motion Activated

  • 1 X USB Digital Video Recorder
  • 1 X Portable Battery Pack
  • 1 X USB Clip
  • 1 X Instruction Manual

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