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STI_GL-300WT Wearable GPS Tracker System

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The Ultimate in Precise, Customizable Tracking  The GL-300WT wearable GPS tracker system makes the perfect, customizable package, equipped to meet your trackin ... More Info »


  • Perfect for tracking children and adults
  • Track in real-time over the Internet
  • Less charging hassle (2 week battery life)
  • Access from anywhere using your tablet or phone
  • Get phone and email alerts so you don't miss anything
  • Only $25 a month, no activation fees, no contracts or cancellation fees*
  • Get text or email when person leaves an area
  • View in Google Maps and Google Earth for easy, accurate tracking

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The Ultimate in Precise, Customizable Tracking 

The GL-300WT wearable GPS tracker system makes the perfect, customizable package, equipped to meet your tracking needs and concerns. The GL300WT uses the GSM and GPRS frequencies of mobile networks to pinpoint its exact location and keep you up to date with its movement in as few as five second intervals.

The GL300WT is small and tough, compact enough to stay hidden in a small pocket or sleeve, while durable enough to survive the hazards of a mountain biking expedition. You can access the tracking device’s location and settings through our dedicated online portal at any time and with any device, where you can set up geographic dependant alerts and SOS contacts. While the GL-300WT may be small enough to slip into a pocket or hold in hand, you won’t have to. Made to measure for the GL-300WT GPS Tracker, the included belt holster not only carries your GPS Tracker, but also protects it from tumbles, everyday wear and tear, and risky liquid spills. The GL-300 GPS belt holster truly transforms your GPS tracker into a wearable addition that sits by your side, out of mind, yet still accessible when it is truly needed. The extensive functionality of the GL-300 Tracker, combined with its compact size and the belt holster, make it the ideal solution for keeping an eye on the people you care about most. With the GL-300WT Wearable GPS Tracker, keeping track of wandering kids, distracted elderly, or those with special needs, is suddenly a much less complicated and stressful task.

Pinpoint Accuracy for Tracking Current and Past Movement

The GL300 GPS Tracker uses the quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM and GPRS frequencies of our mobile network partners to continually monitor and stay connected with the tracking device. By using those GSM and GPRS frequencies, the location of the device can be monitored with pinpoint accuracy and configured to broadcast its location in as brief as five second intervals.

No Contract, Activation, Or Cancellation Fees - You Only Pay For Our Services When You Need Them

Nobody likes monthly fees, especially the good folk over here at Spy Tec. In an ideal world you could buy a GPS tracker and put your wallet away for good. Unfortunately, for the GPS to function it requires the GSM and GPRS connectivity provided by mobile networks, and like with any mobile data plan those guys charge for their services. But it’s not all bad news: at Spy Tec we never want to charge you for something you don’t need or use.

So, The Spy Tec GPS real time tracking plan requires no contract or activation fee and can be stopped or started at any time. As you can see in the chart below, monthly subscriptions start at $25 a month*. This allows for real time tracking, near constant updates, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones are safe and well looked after.

Compact and Durable Design for Tracking that Fits Your Needs

Weighing in at just 2.11 ounces and measuring 2.65 x 1.57 x .82 inches, the GL300 GPS Tracker is both compact and tough. Only slightly larger than a matchbook, the GL300 tracker is small enough for inconspicuous positioning in narrow, unassuming nooks and crannies, and its waterproof, sturdy frame guarantees it’ll function despite any bumps or bruises it may take along the way. The belt holster looks natural without drawing attention to itself, with its black siding and compact design made to complement the belt it sits upon. The interior of the belt holster is made of a soft, gray felt lining that cradles the GPS tracker, while the exterior is protected from drops and impact by its durable nylon and plastic frame. A plastic screen also encloses the tracker, protecting it from dust, dirt, and liquids.

Track Whenever You Want, From Wherever You Want

The latest information from the GL300 tracker is at your disposal 24/7, and can be accessed on any device, be it a computer (Mac or PC), tablet, or mobile phone. By using the SpytecGPS.com platform, you can stay current, and set updates to be delivered, through your computer, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring you have the information you need no matter where you are and what time it is. The service also tracks activity records for up to a year, delivering customizable reports that can track past speed, time, and position through Google Maps.

Two-Week Battery Life

By using a 3-axis accelerometer, the GL-300WT is capable of detecting movement and adjusting its power usage to its state of motion. The tracker’s internal battery is capable of an impressive 400 hour -by time, or up to 140 hours if broadcasting GPS positioning at 5 minute intervals. For more extensive, continuous use, you can purchase an external battery pack and case accessory that will extend battery life by up to a near eternal (at least compared to any other tracker) six months.

Extensive Customization Options – Making Your GPS Truly Work For You

Through the online SpytecGPS.com platform, you can extensively customize your GL-300 tracker. It’s a breeze to set up alerts, delivered through text message or email, if the device moves (or doesn’t), exceeds a speed, or gets low on battery. As incredible as that may sound, where the GL-300 GPS Tracker truly stands above the rest is through its Geo-fencing and SOS functions.

o Geo-fencing

The Geo-fencing function allows you to set up “Geo-fences”, geographic areas that you can define on a map and then use to set alerts. By using these geographical fences you can be notified if the GPS enters or exits any specified area, giving you peace of mind that you will be notified of important developments without having to constantly keep track of the GPS devices every movement.

o SOS function

The GL300 tracker comes equipped with a programmable emergency button that calls for help when you need it most. When pressed, the SOS button sends your GPS coordinates and notifies your pre-programmed contacts that you need help. The convenient, easy-to-reach button grants you or your loved one an added measure of safety, ensuring that help is only one button-push away.

Perfect For Children, Elderly, Disabled, and Athletes Alike

The GL-300WT Tracker and belt case is the ideal solution for certain people. For the elderly, a locator attached to their belt provides an extra measure of safety that they cannot lose, drop, or forget to carry with them. Similarly, a wearable tracker that cannot simply be dropped or easily slipped off can come in handy when dealing with children and youths or adults with developmental disabilities. The GPS tracker belt holster can be useful in any number of situations or activities, especially when you need to keep you hands unoccupied while still keeping your tracker close by. For serious athletes and hikers, keeping your hands free and mind clear of distraction isn’t just a preference, but a necessity.

* The GPS service plans are optional. There are no recurring charges incurred by purchasing the GPS hareware.


GL-300 GPS Tracker

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