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Your Source for Surveillance & Tracking Gear

Your Source for
Surveillance & Tracking Gear


SpyTec delivers easy-to-manage security and surveillance gear plus software to individuals, businesses, schools, private investigators, agencies, assisted living facilities and religious organizations. As both manufacturer and online retailer, SpyTec sells direct, assuring customers that they're getting their full money's worth.

Our product selection can't be beat. SpyTec offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, in-vehicle dash cameras, hidden cameras like nanny cams, wearables, bug detectors and GPS trackers that attach to important assets you need to protect, fasten to single and fleet vehicles or are carried by people.

SpyTec's popular GPS platform empowers users to see the current locations of their trackers on their phones, tablets and computers from anywhere. They can pinpoint positions on a map or download a tracker's history. Models are available for a variety of applications from keeping tabs on an absentminded relative to riding shotgun on a shipment. Our platform's iOS and Android apps can alert you when, for instance, a tracker moves outside a GEO fence you've set or a vehicle has exceeded a certain speed limit. It's easy to customize alert triggers and the ways to be notified.

Cameras are available as offline appliances that save video to memory cards or as Wi-Fi-capable devices. SpyTec bundles free apps for viewing and controlling its line of connected cameras from smartphones, tablets and computers. You can be sure that SpyTec has made the necessary investment so its products are easy to understand, simple to set up and straightforward to use. SpyTec is known for its generous yet discrete technical support. The SpyTec staff aims to help customers in an office or at home choose the right solutions for their security or interpersonal needs.

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